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Advantage over third party platforms (RVShare, Outdoorsy, etc)

Less Fees!

You only pay for the rental and services you request.  Third party sites make their money from extra fees and selling insurance while keeping a percentage from the owner.  This causes the owners to raise their prices to offset. Get more bang for your buck and spend the extra money on family or fishing!   

More Dependable!

We own all the campers we rent.  If there is a problem with the camper or booking we fix it. Other sites must rely on the camper owners and cannot correct the problem themselves. Most owners have one camper and cannot offer a replacement so the booking is cancelled last minute.


You will talk to an employee of the Jez Camper Rental.  We will directly answer questions or correct any issue in English.  Other sites will direct your call to an oversees call center and be the middle man while trying to contact owners who are not obligated to do anything.  It can get very frustrating if there is an issue.


Since you are dealing directly with the people providing your camper, the process is streamlined and convenient.  No hidden fees or surprises.  We deliver and set up so no breakdowns on the side of road with a camper. With JEZ its Just EZ! 

Don't just take our word for it!

We are not implying the following reviews at Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau detail frequent issues with RV Share and Outdoorsy, I know there are many pleasant rentals thanks to some good owners who understand what it takes to provide for the customer.  However, these are real issues that have arrived and will again.  The problem is that the customer cannot get any resolution because RV Share is just a platform connecting owners and renters.  If the owner gets a better offer or has problems RV Share cannot ensure anything is done.  Here at Jez Camper Rental, we are a business that only succeeds if our customers are happy and we have the resources and commitment to ensure they are.  We are a smaller company, but we take pride in customer satisfaction and specializing in Arkansas and surrounding areas.  

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