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A Step-By-Step Guide To Starting Your Outdoor Adventure With Jez Camper Rentals



Choose Your Dates & Campsite

Start by choosing your preferred campsite and planning the dates of your stay. We have information available to help with that process, and we’ll make sure your booking with Jez Camper Rental is completely stress-free!


Book Your Camper Rental

    We make booking online easy and hassle-free. Just start by either choosing your date range or selecting your camper. Then give us a few details like the number of occupants, range of your stay, the campsite of your choice and that's it!
Booking is done.


& Setup

We handle the transportation, setup, and prep of your camper. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your outdoor experience.  No need for hauling utensils, unpacking cables, or any other appliances. We’ll set it all up for you. 


Show Up 
& Enjoy!

From the moment you arrive, you can unwind and enjoy. Everything will be completely ready for you to make the most of your camper rental. That's why more customers choose Jez Camper Rental for their outdoor adventures. No mess & no stress!


Take The Stress Out Of Camping

Jez Camper Rentals takes the hassle and work out of transporting, setting up, cleaning, and stocking your  Camper rental so that you can just book your dates, show up to your campsite, and enjoy your outdoor experience to the fullest.  Create those family memories, enjoy the fresh air and stars, stay in and watch movies, or bundle up with some popcorn. We offer endless possibilities and numerous ways to create unforgettable moments with those you care about. 

From renting, to camping, to clean-up and break-down --- Our services are absolutely geared toward a hassle-free experience so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your stay. Contact us today if you have any inquiries, or need assistance in choosing a campsite or camper for your needs!

Don't forget, you can call us and talk about custom packages, inquiries, or specific needs for your outdoor experience!


Still Have Questions...?

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