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Delivery Fee

We understand how frustrating it can be trying to get camper rental prices with all the surprise prices and fees added at the end.  At Jez Camper Rental we let you know all the fees and rates upfront. Delivery can be challenging to price.  Below is a map with a lot of our locations already on the map along with shaded areas that show very closely what the delivery will be.  We hope this helps you budget and plan your trip.  If your location is not on our list simply send us a message and we will be glad to add it.

If you have any questions at all, or there are areas that are not detailed enough, please feel free to contact us either through the site or text/call either Scott or John and we will be happy to assist.

Sanitation/Prep Fee

Every Camper rental has a one time sanitation/prep fee of $99 (can use $100 for easy budgeting).  This includes cleaning camper with disinfectants, sweep, mop and changing all linen and towels.  Also includes replacing propane tanks and checking inventory items, replacing as necessary.

Taxes and Fees

We all have to pay taxes, our tax rate is 9.5% and there are fees associated with websites and credit cards.  Add 15% to cover these cost.  


Since Jez Camper delivers and sets up all our campers, most of the risk is eliminated from the renter.  However; sometimes things still can happen.  Luckily you can get peace of mind for only $10 per day to help take care of life's little surprises. 

Heading 1

List of Campgrounds, ATV Parks and other locations we have delivered campers.  If you cannot find your destination on the list please contact us and we will be glad to add it to our site or just give you a quote.  Please note must be on desktop website to use interactive map.

Arkansas District United Pentecostal Church    $150.00 

Arkansas State Fairgrounds    $150.00 

Aux Arc-Ozark    $250.00 

Batesville Raceway    $250.00 

Blue Clouds Resort     $225.00 

Blue Mountain Quarry Bluff Rd.    $300.00 

Brady Mountain     $225.00 

Buffalo River     $275.00 

Bull Shoals- White River State Park     $325.00 

Burnt Cabin Camp     $600.00 

Byrd's Adventure Center     $325.00 

Caddo Drive     $225.00 

Cane Creek State Park     $200.00 

Carden Point     $225.00 

Carter Cove     $225.00 

Carter's Off Road Park     $225.00 

Catherine's Landing     $200.00 

Cherokee Lakes RV Park     $200.00 

Cherokee Recreation     $225.00 

Choctaw Campground     $225.00 

Chuck Wagon Races     $200.00 

Cove Creek     $200.00 

Cranfield Campground     $350.00 

Crater Of Diamonds     $300.00 

Crowley's Ridge State Park     $325.00 

Crown Lake RV Resort     $300.00 

Crystal Springs Campground     $200.00 

Daisy State Park     $300.00 

Dam Site Campground     $200.00 

Davidsonville Historic State Park    $375.00 

Degray Lake Resort State Park    $225.00 

Denby Point     $225.00 

Devil's Den State Park     $425.00 

Devil's Fork     $200.00 

East Boat House Rd     $200.00 

Eureka Springs     $450.00 

Fishing Village     $200.00 

Four States Fairgrounds     $300.00 

Golden Pond RV Park     $250.00 

Greasy Bend Off Road Park     $250.00 

Gulpha Gorge     $200.00 

Haw Creek Falls     $300.00 

Heber Springs State Park     $200.00 

Hillarosa ATV Park     $250.00 

Hot Springs National Park     $200.00 

Iron Mountain     $225.00 

J & J RV Park      $200.00 

Jacksonport State Park     $250.00 

John F. Kennedy Park      $200.00 

Jordan Marina     $250.00 

Kirby Landing      $300.00 

Lake Catherine State Park     $200.00 

Lake Chicot State Park     $375.00 

Lake Dardanelle State Park     $225.00 

Lake Fort Smith State Park     $400.00 

Lake Frierson State Park     $325.00 

Lake Ouachita State Park     $325.00 

Lake Poinsett State Park     $300.00 

Lake Sylvia      $200.00 

Lindsey's Resort     $200.00 

Little Fir Landing     $250.00 

Mack's Pine     $250.00 

Maumelle Park     $200.00 

Millwood State Park     $400.00 

Mississippi River State Park     $300.00 

Moro Bay State Park     $325.00 

Mount Magazine State Park     $300.00 

Mount Nebo State Park     $200.00 

Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park     $450.00 

Mulberry Mountain     $325.00 

Narrows Park     $200.00 

Old Highway 25 Campground     $450.00 

Old Post Road     $200.00 

Ozark Campground Co. Rd.    $375.00 

Petit Jean State Park     $200.00 

Pick-up     $0.00     

Piney Bay      $200.00 

Quarry Cove Park     $225.00 

Queen Wilhelmina State Park     $450.00 

Redding Recreation Area     $350.00 

Residential- Falkner County: Conway     $200.00 

Residential- Faulkner County: Clinton     $200.00 

Residential- Faulkner County: Greenbriar     $200.00 

Residential- Faulkner County: Guy     $200.00 

Residential- Faulkner County: Mayflower     $200.00 

Residential- Faulkner County: Vilonia     $200.00 

Residential- Garland County: Fountain Lake     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Hot Springs     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Lake Hamilton     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Lonsdale     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Mountain Pine     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Piney     $250.00 

Residential- Garland County: Rockwall     $250.00 

Residential- Grant County: Leola     $250.00 

Residential- Grant County: Poyen     $250.00 

Residential- Grant County: Prattsville     $250.00 

Residential- Grant County: Sheridan    $250.00 

Residential- Grant County: Tull     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Altheimer    $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Gould     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Pine Bluff     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Redfield     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Sherrill     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: Wabbaskea     $250.00 

Residential- Jefferson County: White Hall     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Adona     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Bigelow     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Casa     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Fourche     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Houston     $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Perry      $250.00 

Residential- Perry County: Perryville     $250.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: Jacksonville     $200.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: Little Rock     $200.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: Maumelle     $200.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: North Little Rock     $200.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: Roland     $200.00 

Residential- Pulaski County: Sherwood     $200.00 

Residential- Saline County: Bauxite     $250.00 

Residential- Saline County: Benton     $250.00 

Residential- Saline County: Bryant     $250.00 

Residential- Saline County: Haskell     $250.00 

Residential- Saline County: Traskwood     $250.00 

Residential- White County: Bald Knob     $250.00 

Residential- White County: Beebe     $250.00 

Residential- White County: Judsonia     $250.00 

Residential- White County: Kensett     $250.00 

Residential- White County: Searcy     $250.00 

Rising Star     $200.00 

River Road     $250.00 

Roaring River Campground     $600.00 

Rock Creek Racing And Recreation     $350.00 

Rosebud Off Road Park     $200.00 

Sam A. Baker Park     $700.00 

Shady Oaks     $300.00 

Sheffield Nelson Dagmar Wildlife     $250.00 

Shiloh     $200.00 

Shoal Bay Park     $300.00 

Sugar Loaf     $200.00 

SunLight Bay Campground     $225.00 

Tar Camp Park     $200.00 

Toad Suck Park     $200.00 

Treasure Isle Park     $200.00 

Village Creek State Park     $275.00 

Waveland Park     $250.00 

White Oak Lake State Park     $300.00 

Willow Beach     $200.00 

Withrow Springs State Park     $450.00 

Wolf Pen ATV     $320.00 

Wooly Hollow State Park     $200.00 

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